6636 - 20170312 - Shoobil Gallery - Antwerpen - Evelien Gysen - 24.02.2017-12.03.2017


EVELIEN GYSEN - FOREST HILL (what's calling you)
Pareidolia, the notion of recognising patterns whereof the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none exists, is at the centre of Evelien Gysen’s lens based and graphic art.
Hermetically sealed landscapes - made up of pixelated versions of photographed models - contribute to illusion and its equivalent: the observation of an unreliable authentic.
Her vagaries provoke an unsettling intrigue, where fantasy and belief collude to atone for the under-stipulated lure of meaning.
The false positives occasioned by human fragility, underpin a necessity for the contemporary icon which Evelien's oeuvre satisfies.

(sho͞o’bĭl) also presents Forest Hill (what's calling you), a publication of 24 images. Evelien narrates an ambience where fantasy and illusion walk closely together.
Translated by Micha Eden Erdész
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