6587 - 20170305 - EI Huis - Window Gallery - Gent - Koen Wastijn - 22.01.2017-05.03.2017


Traffic of Traffic 1

                        "Groot-Bijgaarden" is the first light sculpture in the series "Traffic or Traffic".

The cumulative sculptures constellation concentrates on traffic exchanges that are linked directly or indirectly with the Belgian countryside and this in the widest possible spectrum of ideas.

"Traffic or Traffic" creates the idea of movement and exchange of traffic on the visual physical level (moving body and goods) to that of the non-physical self as if the moving body is replaced by the data and energy particles that must take place for the disappearance of the tangible while the speed and extent of all activity constantly drives us faster.

The sculpture confronts the imploding myth of freedom, movement and progress of the 20th century with the reorganization and challenging chaos of a fledgling 21st.

Eventually it might be a tribute to the most beautiful public Belgian sculpture ever: the illuminated highways in the Belgian night. "
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